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Dress Code


Mandeville High School Dress Code Policy

**IMPORTANT - Our school does not require uniforms but students must follow the school and district dress code policy.

These policies stress the importance of reducing distractions that inhibit learning. Violations are addressed as an attempt to enhance the learning environment. Final interpretation of the dress code rests solely with the administration. The Principal maintains the right to determine extremes in styles of dress and grooming. Extremes in style and fit in student dress and extremes in style of grooming will not be permitted. Refer to the Handbook on Attendance, Discipline, and Student Records for additional information regarding dress code.

  1. Students are not allowed to wear tank tops, muscle shirts, sleeveless t-shirts and plain white undershirts as outer garments.
  2. All hats, caps, bandannas, stocking caps, etc. are not to be worn during regular school hours. Students may wear a scarf, but a scarf or any other type of apparel cannot cover all of the hair/head. The hood of hoodies may not be worn inside of the school building.
  3. Facial Hair - Male students in grades 9-12 may wear a neatly trimmed mustache, beard, or goatee. Handlebar style mustaches are prohibited. Sideburns may be worn to the base of the earlobe, but pork chop style is prohibited.
  4. Shirts/Blouses- Sheer, see through, lace-like clothing, or low cut shirts and blouses are not allowed. Blouses and shirts must be long enough so that no skin may be seen between the pants/skirt/shorts and shirt. This rule includes any position including sitting. Students must wear tops that cover most of the top of the shoulders. Most tops with “straps” are not allowed as an outer garment and no top should allow under garments to be seen. Off the-shoulder blouses/shirts are not allowed.
  5.  Shorts/Skirts/Skorts/Dresses- While standing erect with arms extended down, the length of shorts/skirts/dresses must meet a minimum of one of the following requirements:
  • Come to the tip of fingers or below;
  • No more than 5” above the knee.

 “Bike shorts" and yoga pants are allowed however the student must wear a shirt that is fingertip length which covers the full front   side and backside. Shorts worn over “leggings” are subject to the same length requirements mentioned above.   Shorts/Skirts/Skorts must be secured at the waist at all times and may not reveal undergarments. 

6. Pants - “Yoga pants” may be worn, however the student must wear a shirt that is fingertip length which covers the full front side       and backside of the student. Pants must be secured at the waist at all times and may not reveal undergarments. Clothing that   contains excessive/multiple breaks, holes or rips will be considered extreme in style and will not be permitted. This includes clothing   purchased with excessive/multiple breaks, holes or rips. Also clothing with a hole (or holes) in inappropriate places will be   considered an extreme in style. Pants without holes are permitted.8.

7. Piercings - The wearing of body piercing ornaments is limited to the ear and nose. Larger “gauge” earrings are extreme in style   and are not allowed. Students in grades 9-12 are allowed to have a nose piercing.

8. Pajamas and robes are not appropriate attire for school. Pants that have the appearance of pajama bottoms will be considered   pajamas and are not appropriate. Slippers are not allowed. It is inappropriate to bring pillows and blankets to school.

9. Hair - Sculptured hair styles that include pictures, symbols, letters, numbers, or hair in curlers, rollers, or excessively teased, etc.,   will not be permitted.

10. Any article of clothing with suggestive symbols, words or advertisements of products or substances prohibited by St. Tammany   Board policy shall be prohibited. Sexual innuendos are strictly forbidden.

11. Each freshman will be issued a red lanyard for their ID provided by Mandeville High School. The lanyard shall be worn with the   current school year ID everyday. Failure to wear the red lanyard, will result in a dress code violation. All students must wear their   current school year ID, visible and above the waist, to school each day. Temporary IDs can be purchased for $1.00 in Student Services to avoid an ID Detention. Student IDs are strictly enforced for school safety purposes.

*School principals maintain the right to determine extremes in styles of dress and grooming and appropriateness and suitability for school wear. For additional questions regarding the dress code policy, please contact Mandeville High School at (985) 626-5225.