Mandeville High School


Mrs Polly

Margot Polley


985-626-5225 ext. 2170

MHS Home


Destiny Card Catalog

This resource is available 24/7





Britannica School

Requires username and password. Bookmarks with that information are on the library counter.




Gale Group Database

Gale Group Databases for MHS. Requires password.





Public Library Database

You must have a state issued library card number to access.





There is where you go if you have forgotten your password. You can also login with your current password and student ID number to update your challenge questions. Do not select CLAIM MY ACCOUNT unless you are a student new to St. Tammany Parish Schools.

Salem Press Online

All of our Salem reference books provide full text access. A password is required



Please feel free to contact Margot Polley if you require assistance.