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Band - Mr. DiBenedetto & Mr. Gambino Website

bullet Best Buddies - Ms. Ogle

Big Brother/Big Sister - Mrs. Forrest and Mrs. Simon

Big Bro/Big Sis is a service orgnization made up of seniors who mentor freshmen furing their first year of high school. The Big Brothers and Sisters offer guidnace, support, and friendship during the ninth grader's introduction to high school life. They also volunteer for various events around the community.

bullet Chess Club - Mr. Waldron
bullet Chorus - Ms. Atchison
bullet Color Guard - Mr. DiBenedetto
bullet Dance Team, The Spinnakers - Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Duke, Mrs. Driscoll
bullet Disc Golf Club - Mr. Gambino

Drama Club - Ms. Ducote & Ms. Crais Constitution Website

What We Are - The Mandeville High School Drama Club is an official school club for people who like theatre! We are composed of actors, writers, set and costume designers, artists, backstage crews, lighting crews, sound crews, and more!!! There's literally something for everyone to do when it comes to theatre! We play games, showcase our talents, and put on productions both large and small. And if you want to just hang out, that's ok too. We won't make you do anything you're not comfortable doing.

Who Can Join? - Anyone can join the drama club! No previous experience in anything required! Simply attend a meeting and ask for a permission slip to join. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…

When? - The Drama Club meets every Thursday in the auditorium (the big grey square building with the room of windows that is located by the parking lot). Please enter through the side door (by the 700 wing) unless instructed otherwise.

Dues - The Drama Club requires a $10 due to be paid by each member. This money is later used to buy the rights for scripts and to buy the necessary building materials (wood, nails, paint, etc.) for sets.


Ethnic Food and Culture Club - Mrs. Polley

The club meets once a month in the library. Students and teachers sign up to cook one dish, once a year from a foreign country and prepare a short presentation about the food and culture of the selected country. The club also holds a Holiday Around the World party where members bring a traditional holiday dish from their selected country. Members may cook as part of a team or prepare their food individually.

bullet Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Mrs. Williams
bullet French Club - Mr. Tassin

Green Club - Ms. Wilson Constitution

Beginning August 21st,  the club will meet in room 206 on Wednesdays from 2:45 - 3:30

The Green Club is service organization made up of students who are interested in making their world a better place.  We have implemented a paper recycling program at MHS and that is one of our weekly responsibilities.  We hope to get can and bottle recycling up and running this year.  We are partnered with Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation and also with Keep Mandeville Beautiful.  We sponsored an anti-litter campaign last spring and participate in city-wide clean ups twice during the year.  If you want to make a difference, Green Club is the place to be.


bullet Helath & Wellness Club - Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Hymel
bullet Historical Film Club - Mr. Gold
bullet Invisible Children - Mrs. Graham

Key Club - Mrs. Netterville

Key Club is a national, high school organization affiliated with Kiwanis International that promotes community service. Membership is open to those interested. Meetings are alternate Tuesday mornings at 7 am in room 714.

bullet Lacrosse - Coach Callegari - Schedule - Website

Latin Club - Mrs. Nelson Constitution

The Latin Club at MHS is dedicated to promoting an appreciation for the Latin language and Roman culture while performing service and HAVING FUN!  You don't have to know Latin to be in the club, just be interested in learning about the Romans and their language!  The club meets on Monday mornings in room 402 twice a month, and any MHS student can join.  Club activities include pizza nights at local pizza restaurants, Roman movie nights,a homecoming tailgate party, and an annual Chariot Race whose proceeds benefit the Covington Food Bank. We are also planning a March toga party! You make new friends and learn new things so come join us!

bullet Life on Purpose - Mr. Singer
bullet Medical Scrub Club - Ms. King & Mr. Singer
bullet Mu Alpha Theta - Mrs. Ball Information Website
bullet National Honor Society - Mrs. Chausse Website
bullet Next Generation - Mr. Singer
bullet Newspaper, The Crest - Mrs. Stewart
bullet Paws for a Cause - Mrs. Radtke
bullet Photography - Ms. LaPorte

Political Thinkers - Mrs. Neyhart

The Political Thinkers Club debates current national and international issues every other Tuesday after school in room 714. The club has open membership.


Reading Club, MHS Reads! - Mrs. Polley

MHS Reads! is a reading club that is open to both students and teachers alike. The only requirement is the love of reading! Members read four books a year and meet after school for a thematic tea party. The books are selected by a vote of the members.

bullet Robotics - Mrs. Duhe' Website
bullet Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) - Mrs. St. Paul

Science Club - Ms. Decker

Science club meets on Wednesday mornings at 7:10 in room 805. Any student at Mandeville High is welcome to join. All you need is a love of science. Science Club is active academically in both Science Bowl and Science Olympiad. Science Bowl is a state-wide competition sponsored by the US Dept. Of Energy where teams of four students test their knowledge of science and math against students from schools all over Louisiana. Science Olympiad is a national competition that challenges students to compete in all disciplines of science. Events may be in the form of tests, lab experiments, or building projects. It truly has something for everyone. We also participate in community service by volunteering for Keep Mandeville Beautiful and by collecting old/dead alkaline batteries and delivering them to parish-wide Recycling Day. Don't throw your old batteries in the trash. Give them to Science Club for recycling instead!

bullet Science Journal Club - Mr. Waldron

Senate -

Senior Class - Mrs. Donewar & Mrs. Simon
Junior Class - Mrs. Robin & Mrs. Casey
Sophomore Class - Mrs. Alexander
Freshmen Class - Mrs. Holliday

bullet Spirit Club - Mrs. Brondum

Student Council - Mr. Esker & Ms. Neyhart

Ben Guilbeau
Vice President
Tatiana Gonzales-Quiroga
Secretary Julia James
Kyle Lockhart
Isabel Martin


bullet Spirit Club - Mrs. Brondum

Tri Theta - Mrs. Tonguis

Tri Theta is a girl's service organization that serves Mandeville High and the community. The club consists of Juniors and Seniors who are willing to work and endure to make Mandeville High a better school. In the club, an individual may learn such things as responsibility, leadership and pride.

bullet Ultimate Frisbee Club - Mrs. St. Paul
bullet Writing Club - Ms. Plesh
bullet Yearbook, The Skipper's Log - Ms. LaPorte

Youth and Government - Ms. Marina

Youth in Government meets Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 8:00 pm in the MHS Library. Youth in Government is affiliated with the Louisiana YMCA. Its goal is to foster good citizenship by attempting to interest Louisiana's youth in the governmental process. Youth in Government offers students the opportunity to develop skills in writing, public speaking, and debate. We participate every year in two YMCA sponsored state-wide conferences, Model United Nations and Louisiana Youth Legislature, which are both held in Baton Rouge. Model UN allows students to experience how the UN works. It introduces them to the culture of other countries and the challenges they face. Youth Legislature allows students to experience all branches of state government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Any interested student is invited to attend.